The Next Big Leap In Cooling Technology

This revolutionary cooling technology uses a combination of air and refrigerant to cool your home like never before.

The Hybridjet Advantage:

1. Efficient At High Ambient Temperature

It uses newly designed hybrid cooling. In this, air cooling is used for the compressor and the refrigerant pipe utilizes low-temperature refrigerant to cool the outdoor E-box efficently, which helps to improve product performance even at a high ambient temperature of 55 degrees.

2. Uninterrupted Cooling

Equipped with state-of-the-art technology, it never gets interrupted even at the low voltage of 195v and high ambient temperature. This gives the consumers uninterrupted cooling.

3. Powerful And Durable Design

HYBRIDJET has an innovative design that helps in cooling the temperature more efficientl. The best-in-class performance and fast indoor cooling are the advantages of the design.

4. Stabilizer Free Operation

The entire range of inverters except the 12k/3 star can work efficiently between 150v-280v even at a temperature of 48 degrees without stabilizer.

Better High Temperature Performance

Refrigerant Pipe Radiator

From the Condenser

High Ambient Working:

Newly Designed hybrid cooling gives powerful performance even at 55 C


The Cyclojet Advantage:

1. Innovative Design

Cyclojet’s unique cylindrical design is an ‘industry first’ in home air conditioning solutions. The 360 degree flow of air gives the best in-class performance and helps cool indoor temperatures faster.

2. Slick, State-of-the-art and silent

Cyclojet dissipates hot air vertically – it doesn’t feel hot even if you’re standing next to it. Strategically placed rubber grammets and extra thick insulation also ensure reduced vibrations and noise.

3. Better Condenser

A bigger and better quality condeser with 360 air suction ensures that every Carrier AC that comes fitted with a cyclojet outdoor unit is 10% more efficient than conventional outdoor units.

4. Compact

Cyclojet takes up to 40% lesser space, making it esier to install, maintain and maneuver. Designed specifically for India, It’s great for houses that have a space constraint.

5. Efficiency In All Weather

The machine comes equipped with an F-class and IP-44 waterproof motor. Hence, it is more reliable and dependable even under the most extreme weather conditions.

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Carrier Inverter

Carrier Inverters Provide A Range of Advantages Over conventional ACs:

With spiraling energy costs, staying confortable during extreme temperatures can sometimes cost a fortune! Carrier Inverter ACs have been designed keeping exactly this in mind; to meet critical requirements and combat the operating cost while providing efficient and customised air conditioning.

Packed with advanced features, Carrier Inverters automatically adjust their capacity based on the requirement of the room they are cooling – drawing lesser power and consuming lesser units of electricity. When we look at conventional air conditioners, they consume most of their energy to start up whereas Carrier Inverter air conditioners regulate and adjust their speed depending on the temperature requirement, which results in lesser energy consumption.