Carrier Ducted VERSATECH R22

Technical Specifications:


5.5 TR 8.5 TR 11.0 TR 17.0 TR 5.5 TR 8.5 TR 11.0 TR 17.0 TR
Refrigerant R410A R410A R410A R410A R22 R22 R22 R22
Capacity (in Watts) 19343 29894 38687 59789 19343 29894 38687 59789
Nominal Air Quantity (in m³/s(CFM)) 1.03 (2200) 1.60(3400) 2.07(4400) 3.20(6800) 1.03 (2200) 1.60(3400) 2.07(4400) 3.20(6800)
Net Weight(IDU/CDU) in kg 60/112 91/135 130/175 182/(135×2) 62/112 91/150 130/175 182/(150×2)
Indoor Dimensions (Width/Depth/Height) in cm 125X75X34.5 164.6X70X46 190X92.5X46 196.6X97X68.4 125X75X34.5 164.6X70X46 190X92.5X46 196.6X97X68.4
Compressor Type Scroll Scroll Scroll Scroll Scroll Scroll Scroll Scroll
Outdoor Dimensions (Width/Depth/Height) in cm 104X41X87.5 98.2X61X110 120X60.5X105.5 (98.2X61X110)X2 104X41X87.5 98.2X61X110 120X60.5X105.5 (98.2X61X110)X2

Carrier Ducted products, with more than two decades of legacy in the Indian market, are widely popular with our customers. Ducted products are extremely versatile and save valuable floor space as they are suspended from the ceiling. Our Ducted units can cool multiple areas/rooms with the help of its ducting layout and are available with environmentally sustainable green refrigerant.


  • Better Air Flow – Air flow volume is higher in Ducted Indoor units about 400CFM/TR
  • Better Comfort – Cool/Fan mode for different weather condition
  • Piping Flexibility – Maximum piping length of 50m between Indoor unit and the Outdoor Unit
  • Safe and Reliable – Factory fitted MCB, Voltage scanner, P2 rated motor capacitors protects the unit and ensures reliability of the product
  • Quick Service – Fault Detection in Low Pressure/High Pressure switch and sensors ensures quick servicing of the product.
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